Background Checks June 28, 2024

Our International Criminal Records Search offers comprehensive background history checks and criminal record searches from around the world. Whether your applicant is from South America, Europe, Asia or Africa, criminal record checks are just a click away. From international to nationwide criminal background check and retrieval services count on us.

International Criminal Record searches reveal crimes and offenses within your applicants previous or current country of residence. We belong to a network of investigators from around the world who are familiar with local laws, procedures and courthouses, and who can provide insight into criminal activity from over 230 countries. Prices & turnaround time varies according to each country. The report may give you,

  • International criminal records
  • The offense, associated dates, court finding and sentencing details
  • Criminal records for the province or region in which the applicant resides
  • Determination if a person has been charged or convicted of a crime
  • Protection from being falsely associated with a criminal record that is not theirs

Canadian International Criminal Records Screening

On average, 33,000 Canadians move to the United States every year so it’s very important that each applicant is correctly screened in both the USA and Canada.

Canadian Provincial Courts provide both Summary (misdemeanor) and Indictable (felony) offenses, while Municipal Courts will provide you with infractions & traffic offenses.

What is needed to perform an International Criminal Records Search?

Every country has different requirements that are needed to search their Judicial System. Most countries have a number similar to the USA’s social security number which is used to run the search. Latin countries generally require a parent’s maiden name. Give us a call to see pricing for a certain country as well as find out what information is required to apply.